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Alpha Investment Management LLC is one of the leading financial, regulatory and political communications agencies in the world.

With offfice in New York and Tokyo the company provides strategic communications advice to international clients on their interaction with the media, financial markets, governments and key stakeholders.

Alpha Asset Management Co.,Ltd. in Japan is a conglomerate of Alpha Investment Management LLC in New York.  The subsidiary handles and manages portfolios in Australasia and French Polynesia Region.

Alpha Investment Management LLC is a registered investment advisor, commodity trading advisor and commodity pool operator that provides asset management services. The company focuses on hedge strategies, and provides single- and multi-manager hedge funds for institutions and net worth clients. The company was founded in 1986 and was originally formed to manage some of the assets of the top 50 billionaires in the country. Alpha Investment Management LLC is headquartered in New York and has offices in California and Japan.

Financial agency of the year

As an award-winning consultancy, we have managed some of the most complex communications challenges of the last three decades. We help clients communicate with clarity and impact when it matters most: during times of opportunity, change and crisis. In recognition of this, the Holmes Report named Alpha investment the Best Financial Consultancy in the World for 2014 and Financial Agency of the Year in North America in 2015.

A vibrant, diverse workforce is good for business, and as a global, talent-driven organization, our people are our greatest asset. By bringing together experienced, intellectually curious professionals from a range of backgrounds, we offer our clients the best-informed and most creative advice.

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